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Warm, Inviting and Beautiful

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Summer is starting to peek around here and we are loving it. The people seems less pale and the skies seems bluer, mostly because they actually are. And for this brief window- between now and when it starts getting too hot (in the 90’s, we’re talking about Seattle here so let’s not get too crazy) the Seattle freeze melts and everyone smiles at each other. One thing is for sure, in the few months that the sun shines here, Seattle sparkles and everything is right in this striking corner of the world.

Gia like a true Seattleites knows how to make the most of the sunny days. She wakes as early as possible with a “But it’s not night now, it’s bright outside!” and protests as much as possible about going to bed at her usual bedtime, with “But it’s not night now, it’s bright outside.” On most days, we give in and let her enjoy it, I guess we are getting to be like true Seattleites ourselves.

This summer will mark the eighth year of our lives together in Seattle- of calling it home. Every year on this day I experience conflicting emotions, my heart feels a little heavy and I feel thankful for the life I have had. Eight years ago I came to Seattle on May 16th. It was much like any other Seattle summer day, warm, inviting and breathtakingly beautiful. Although it was a gorgeous place, Seattle was scary on so many levels. Not just because it was a beginning to a very different sort of life for me but also because it was so alien and so many miles away from home.

It tantalized and teased me in many ways; the kind of fear that a new place evokes and the kind of excitement that a new place can evoke. I eventually learned to accept it and came to love it- its rainy days and all. Seattle and I have now fallen into this steady rhythm, the kind of camaraderie that comes from driving down familiar streets, having friends who you can drop by without calling and knowing exactly where the best spots to eat are.

I never planned to live so far away from India. Somehow things just fell into place the way I never imagined they would. So, here I am reminiscing and typing away with a sigh on another Seattle almost summer day, warm, inviting and breathtakingly beautiful. I’ve faced the kinds of challenges that most expats do and I’ve also had the kinds of triumphs that most expats do- nothing more, nothing less. But mostly, I’ve found a home so far away from home and for that I am utterly grateful.

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  1. I really relate to this post. Growing up in America, I never thought I’d end up in England. It wasn’t easy to get adjusted, but eventually, I learned to see it as my home. Life takes us places we never expect. Its part of our adventure.
    *kisses* H

    May 20, 2014

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