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Top Ten Signs you are dealing with a Three Year Old

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Ah three year olds! Dealing with my almost three year old is different from dealing with her when she was two. It’s not a bad different, there are the good bits- where she’s less clingy and there are the horrible bits- where she just has to do every single thing her way, all the time. I could pretend that having your own benevolent dictator is all fun and games- but this isn’t that kind of blog and if you have ever been around one, you wouldn’t believe me anyway.

Here are ten signs that should tip you off a three year old is around.

1. They’ve moved on from sippy cups to glasses and from diapers to underpants.

2. You’ve graduated from Mommy and Daddy to “Mom” and “Dad”

3. You need to REALLY watch who you talk about. ”Mommy why did you say XYZ lost her marbles?” “Where did her marbles go?” “Can we call and ask her?”

4. Life is now about the inconvenient truths. “Mom why is that lady’s tummy so big?” – you know where that conversation is headed.

5. They are expert negotiators and understand the “if-then” consequences …”IF you clean up this mess THEN you get candy” or “IF you keep quiet when mom is on the phone, THEN you get to watch tv.”

6. Company of people under three feet is greatly preferred over company of people above five feet.

7. There are no more chubby cheeks or thighs to nom-nom on :(

8. They’ve entered the “What Why When” phase- “Where are we going?” “What are we doing?” “Why is the sky blue?”-arrrggh!

9. You no longer feel that you absolutely must answer every single What Why When – especially not after the 16th time.

10. “Bunny”or “Lovie” or “Blankie” are no longer the center of their universe- and that makes me sad!

Feel free to share some of your three year old’s moments.

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  1. What no more chubby cheeksa nd thighs !! That indeed is a bummer:-( …don’t want my 19mo old to grow up then !!

    April 23, 2014
    • It is a bummer..but trust me lots of fun things coming up too!

      April 25, 2014
  2. I’m sorry to interrupt your train of thought, but really, I must have that cape!

    April 25, 2014
    • Ha ha, the wardrobe they have at their school H, I know you would love it. dragons, ducks, firemen, princesses..Love it all!

      April 25, 2014

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