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That Thing Called Genes

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Often when we are about running errands random strangers will come up to me and say “She looks just like you!” or “She is a younger version of you.” And honestly I just love it. It’s not that I don’t think I have a good looking husband- I do. But having a Mini Me is!

While I love it, Daddy seems to feel left out. I get it. I totally do. I mean if they (Gia and Daddy) looked like clones and left me out of their inside jokes I would mind it too. But what happens around here is- they don’t look like clones yet,somehow, I seem to get left out of their “little nothings”. Wait! Maybe there is something here that should be upsetting me.

But what he doesn’t seem to understand is that in a million other ways she is so much more like him than me.

  • The way that she tucks her hands behind her back while walking around the house,
  • The way she has to sniff every single thing before she eats it.
  • And then sniff it again as if it could have gone bad in the last two seconds!
  • The way she knows when to give me the best ever hugs.

I don’t think you need worry Daddy. That thing called genes runs much deeper than the surface.


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  1. soooo cute :-)

    March 14, 2014

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