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Naps No More

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One of the most absolutely bestest part of the day for any SAHM is hands down the nap time. The number of inane superlatives should tell you a little about how much I love this “me time.”

If I was a sensible human being, I would spend this time doing the countless things that cannot be done in peace with a toddler around.

For e.g., I could take a shower without someone forcing their way into the bathroom.

I could cook a decadent meal without all the “help” that gets bestowed on me.

I could clean out the fridge without having to explain the origins and details of each “mysterious and fascinating thing” that exists inside.

I could even make a phone call without having to wrestle the phone out of tiny but incredibly tough claws!

Honestly it’s the one hour in my life where I am my own boss. I usually end up doing none of the above and I answer to no one! HA!

………and then the baby wakes up.

So that’s what’s “new” with me.Since last week Gia has stopped napping. Time that used to be filled with quiet snoozing on the couch, mindless TV or curling up with a book is now replaced by play dough and painting.

You could try and cheer me up by saying “So that means she goes to bed early!” And you would be wrong. Come 8 pm, Gia is still running around like a maniac and I on the other hand; am ready to crash.

I’ve tried practically everything I could think of

  • Each morning I took her to places she could run around and tire herself.
  • Post lunch I sneaked in a few extra ounces of milk in her glass.
  • And I even let her sleep in my bed so that she would cuddle with me.

Nothing has worked and so I’ve just admitted defeat and come to conclude that this is it!

My baby will Nap No More!

P.S: In addition to cribbing to you guys- I am looking for positives of the no napping schedule, so if you know of any- please leave me a comment to cheer me up!

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  1. poonam #

    PROLLY play a game with her…where she plays mommy and puts you to bed in the afternoon ! aint i intelligent !

    January 30, 2014
  2. Okay, here’s an idea. My mom used to make “color time” with me. Id have a bunch of colouring books and crayons and I used to love it. It used to keep me busy and quiet for hours. Also it gave me a real passion for art later in life.
    *kisses* H

    January 31, 2014

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