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I want it too!

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So my toddler has a super power. She totally calls me out whenever I eat the last bite of any piece of food. It could be something she wants- like the last piece of a cookie, or something she detests- like the stale cheese stick that has been laying on the table for the past three hours.

The moment I pop that last bite into my mouth, she appears out of nowhere and says “I want it too. You should share with me mommy. Where is it? What are you eating? I want it too!”

I don’t know how she does it. But she does it Every Single Time.

The other day she was eating a lollypop and I thought I would pull a fast one on her. So I stalked her until she was almost done and the second she had eaten the last bite I said “I want it too. You should share with me Gia. Where is it? What are you eating? I want it too!”

She looks at me carefully for a few seconds and she says “I have some for you mumma.” “Well, where is it?” Then she puts her finger into her mouth, fishes out a piece that is stuck in her molars and puts it in my mouth before I have a chance to react.

Moral of the story: be careful what you ask a toddler for. Cause you might just get it and then some :)

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  1. Hahahaha

    April 4, 2014
  2. So true !!

    April 5, 2014
  3. I am just in awe. The ability these toddlers (mine is starting to do the same :) ) have to think on their feet is just amazing. Gia looks so cute in her pretty dress!

    April 5, 2014
  4. Miloni #

    Lol … Gia is adorable

    April 5, 2014
  5. Ha! I have that super power too!
    *kisses* H

    April 5, 2014

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