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Have a Nice Day!

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This Monday we had a couple of errands to run before we got to school. To save us some time, I handed Gia her snack and told her she could eat it in the car. As usual I was running just a little bit late and was rushing Gia along. Just as we were settling into the car, she saw the garbage truck pull up and she insisted we wait. While the garbage man was going about his business she stood there watching him and when he was done they waved to each other. Almost as an afterthought she yelled out “Have a nice day!” to him.

We were almost in the car while the post man came around in his little van. We just had to turn back and go see him while he stuffed the mail in the boxes. He was nice enough and chatted with Gia. She saw him off too and yelled “Have a nice day!” as he drove off.

Now I was officially late so I unceremoniously buckled her into the car seat and we drove to the UPS office to drop off a package. As we drove she seemed unusually silent in the back seat, I chalked it up to my brusqueness. We got to the store and I asked her “Well! Do you want to come in or not?” She didn’t say anything so I got her out of the car and walked to the store- her hand in mine, it wasn’t like she had a choice, and I was merely asking so as not to be rude.

We got to the store and the two older women inside were fawning over her. They followed their “ooohhs” and “so cute!” with some questions. They asked her “So where are you off to?” she didn’t say anything, “school.” I answered for Gia. “What is in your little purse?” again, with the silent treatment. I was beginning to get pissed with my daughter, three year olds aren’t supposed to have attitudes are they?

It wasn’t a very busy day and as we were leaving they came to the door to wave goodbye to us. She still didn’t say anything and it really ticked me off. I am certainly not going to be that kind of mom, my daughter will certainly not be rude! I got down on my knees to level with her and said “Well, don’t you have something to say to them?”

She looked at me for a second, spat out about six half chewed almonds on the floor and said “Have a nice day!” and walked out the store.

Still goes to show be careful what you wish for with toddlers :)

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  1. Happy ending ;)

    April 30, 2014

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