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Happy Hour

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If I could pick one picture to tell a story, it would be this one.

If it’s written, it must be true!

Not because it’s awesome silly, because it has the words right there in it.

And this was the story written last evening.

We went to a restaurant- with a toddler- who did all things untoddler like- and we ATE a whole meal. The end.

Going out with a toddler for a meal is like an adventure. You never know if she’s gonna hold it together or totally unravel. If you’re going to have a great time as a family or if you’re even going to get through the appetizers. The drama keeps us coming back for more I guess. (There is no other logical explanation!)

Typically when we go out to a restaurant with her terribleness we’re always the couple who’s inhaling their food or the ones hiding behind the menu cards trying to avoid the looks from the other patrons. We’re used to either of two emotions from fellow diners;

The annoyed- The ones tsk tsking and shaking their heads and giving us the “Why do these people ever visit restaurants with kids in tow.” Usually my toddler is yelling and screaming for the phone which she does because she knows we’re in a public place and this is her window to extort. Because she never gets her hands on the phone at home and because two year olds will manipulate you like that.


The condescending –The ones tsk tsking and shaking their heads and giving us the “Gosh, I can’t believe you’re doing that to your kid.” Because now my two year has the phone and is bent over it like a caveman. Staring at the screen, unblinking and in disbelief at the wondrous crap that is Pink Panther.

BUT! None of that happened last night.

She just perched herself on that booster seat and asked for a plate even though she had eaten dinner at home. She ate her chips with “ceviche” because that’s what all two year olds who have been to Mexico call chopped tomatoes. And picked at each little piece of shredded cheese that we put out on the plate in front of her. And when she was all done, she said it’s time to go home and we left.

Maybe she forgot to throw her usual tantrum. Maybe she grew up a little and knows what restaurants are for. Maybe this was a one-time only performance.

Who cares! We made small talk with our server and left him a generous tip (even though he had nothing to with our toddler’s behavior). Exchanged happy glances with people at other tables and left with our hearing intact. A perfect end to a totally ordinary banal story in my book.

Oh and btw, the story is called HAPPY HOUR ;)

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  1. Applause! I can imagine how relieved you must have been. You do know how to tell a story so well, girl! :)

    March 21, 2014
  2. This is an indication that things are going to only get better. Trust me! The more you take them out the more they learn to sit still and get through a whole dinner.

    I remember wondering if that would ever happen and it really does. :)

    Your server must have been thrilled by the nice tip!

    March 22, 2014
  3. Woo hoo :), maybe you’ve hit a turning point!
    Hope you are having a great weekend
    *kisses* H

    March 23, 2014

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