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Godzilla Mom

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This month Gia turned 2.5. At school during parent-ed we had talked about how different the “and a half” phases are from the two year or the three year olds. But boy was I unprepared for this!

First, she started speaking absolutely fluently. For example when I wake up each morning she is waiting about 3 inches from my face and says “Good morning, mumma! Time to wake up, can you make me some scrambled eggs today?” all in one breath, or “Wow! You look so good today. That dress is just delicious” Ok the adjectives need some fine tuning, but she’s two! I gotta give her credit for this. Honestly, waking up to that is the best morning call that anyone can ask for.

Second, she acts super clingy when I am around her. If I am sitting on the couch while she is playing on the floor, she will look up with those puppy dog eyes and say “You are so far away! No mumma NO! She need to be closer.” And she plonks herself right on my diaphragm and continues to do whatever she was doing; only she needs to be no further than 6 inches away from my body. While it’s occasionally claustrophobic,I have to admit it feels good to be wanted.

And lastly, she totally ignores me when Daddy is around. Not only does she ignore me, I have made my peace with that , but she runs away from me, YELLING “Daddy, Help me! Come and save me!” I know it doesn’t mean much and I know it shouldn’t hurt but it really does! You’re probably thinking “Oh, boo hoo, cry me a river” But it does hurt when you are trying to do something nice for someone and all you get in return is “NO! I don’t want you, Daddy! Come and save me.”

Why do you need saving from me? What am I? Godzilla!

So predictably my moods swing from “Wow, you are looking so good” to “Help me! Come and save me!”

If you ask me how I feel lately?

Kinda like a delicious dress wearing monster really.

Godzilla Mom in the house!

I know this will change. Much like everything else with my toddler, this performance is nothing but a phase, very typical between the age of 2 and 3. Meanwhile, I am learning to lay back and enjoy being Godzilla Mom.

“Sweetie, mommy needs to change your diaper.”

“Daddy, Help me! Come and save me!”

SO Daddy changes diaper :)

“Baby, mommy will help you put on your shoes.”

“Daddy, Help me! Come and save me!”

SO Daddy helps with putting on the shoes :)

Hey! There HAS to be something good about being Godzilla Mom.

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  1. Loved it !

    November 12, 2013
  2. Fab #

    Being Godzilla Mom can’t be all that bad if it gets Daddy to change the diaper!!! Delicious post ;-)

    November 12, 2013
  3. Love that feeling where they just need you. Ishan still holds my hand on occasion to go to sleep. And lucky you that Dad gets to do the duties while he is home!

    November 13, 2013
    • I do love it when she needs me. I honestly think the words “I want my mommy!” are amazing. Yup lucky me :)

      November 19, 2013
  4. janu #

    Been there. Now, I have to go and plonk myself in front of my kids so that they notice me. I have become super clingy. :)

    November 13, 2013
    • I’ve heard that happens. I am looking forward to the space and dreading it at the same time.

      November 19, 2013
  5. The kids will always ask for daddy, but there is nothing like a love connection with baby and mommy. :) Try to feel good that you have an extra 20 seconds to breathe and be collected in your own thoughts. :)

    November 13, 2013
    • I do try, after the feeling of being Godzilla’s not that bad.

      November 19, 2013
  6. Oh my delicious wearing dress monster, you are the cutest. I want to give you a hug!
    *kisses* H

    November 13, 2013
    • I will gladly accept that hug. I know I sure could use one, just about any day at all.

      November 19, 2013
  7. Lol, I’m sure my mom still feels the same about us :D

    November 14, 2013

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