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Five Things My Toddler Does After Potty Training

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So the toddler is potty trained. What happens next? What do toddlers do after they’re out of diapers and entering the world of big people bathroom etiquettes? Read on.

Announcing it to the world- there is a weird correlation here; when we are in a big, loud social gatherings where I couldn’t care less, my toddler inches close to me and conspiratorially mumbles “I need to go potty.” And when we are at a restaurant where no one wants to hear the P word, she will make sure that the person three tables over hears her say “I WANT TO GO POTTY.”

Shhh! – Speaking of no one wanting to hear about it, here’s the deal. It’s like that Sesame Street song “I do it, you do it, doctors and lawyers do it.” What they don’t tell the toddlers is this – No one and by that I mean NO ONE wants to talk about it. But my daughter takes it upon herself to ask absolutely random strangers this question “Have you done potty today?”

Thinking it’s a high-five worthy act – Have you ever seen the swagger of a toddler who’s just done it. I kid you not, they run around the room in a victory lap trying to high-five people.

Talking about it- “Mommy I am doing the poopies” “I have poopy in my bum.” “I am peeing now mommy” “I need to pee some more mom.” Arrggh just get it over with already!

Being the cheerleader- In addition to feeling like she needs to talk about it when she goes potty, she thinks that when others do; it’s a group activity. “What are you doing mommy?” Ignore “Are you doing potty?” Ignore “Try doing-ugggghhh” Ignore “Good job! Mommy! You want some candy now or sticker?” Arrggh Ignore!

I know this post is making you child-free people either chuckle or cringe. If you are chuckling- it’s great that you have a liberal sense of potty humor; will be very useful in your future. And in case you are cringing- I feel for you buddy. I used to be you and then I became a parent.


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  1. Ha ha…so true. The funniest one was my cousin’s daughter asking the lady in the toilet stall next door what she was doing and informing her about her own performance! :)

    February 27, 2014
  2. Ananya still gives a running commentary of progress until she is done!! Am immune to it now.

    February 28, 2014
  3. Lol…enjoyed the “have you done your p’s”??

    March 1, 2014
  4. This made me laugh :), very cute.

    March 4, 2014

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