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Because It’s A Today!

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It’s cold today. No it’s not just cold; it’s freezing! Its “Lemme-get-back-into-bed” cold. It’s “Oh! My-toe fell-off-and-I-didn’t-notice.” cold. Also to add to the banality of this day- it happens to be a Tuesday. What’s so exceptional about that you ask? Nothing! It’s just another cold wintry Tuesday. It is much like any other day.

Except this morning while we were getting ready to go to school and Gia was picking out her clothes she picked two different colored socks.

I said to her “What about your pink socks?” and she said “No mumma, not today.”

“Today my favorite color is green and also blue.”

“But they don’t match!” I said.

“No mumma, we all get to choose our favorite and wear it. Because it’s a today!”

She is silent for a little while and then adds.

“And we also get to do it tomorrow and yesterday. Every day we get to choose our favorite and do it. Because it is A Today.”

“Every day we get to choose our favorite and do it. Because it is a today.”

As confusing as that statement sounds, it also makes perfect sense. Despite (or because of) the fact that I spend the majority of my day being a mom, I often get an insight into how I used to be as a child. A chance to revisit my less jaded more in-awe of each day self if you will.

So full of wonder at a relatively ordinary day that gives so much by just arriving, so full of genuine confidence about the delight each decision will bring and so full of the ability to feel gratitude for the day.

That’s what our children give us- the ability to live each day on our terms- Even a cold Tuesday…Why? Because it’s a today.

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  1. Lovely :-) while it’s still cold in your part of the world, the weather is becoming so beautiful here right now.
    And the socks, love the colour combination! Whenever my son has mismatched socks on it was my fault because somehow the other match went missing. And still does!

    February 6, 2014

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