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Allergens, Bacteria and A Birthday!

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So last week I was sick. I don’t want to over share but what the heck- I had a body ache, my eyes were watering, I was feeling nauseous and giddy and to add to the mix my sinuses were chocked up. I literally felt like my head would implode at any moment and/or I would become violently ill. In either case I would not be able to see what was happening- what with all the eye watering going on. (Overshared?)

Anyways a visit to the doc revealed that it might be the flu, but it could also be a bacterial infection and if it is neither it would surely be my allergies. So she gave me the flu medicine, some anti-bacterial and an anti- allergy medication. Gotta love western medicine, always so spot on! Maybe I just need a new doctor. Surprisingly, I did feel much better and managed to have a decent weekend.

The number one thing on the to-do list was have a good time on the hubs birthday. It was this Saturday and the new and improved me with my virus/bacteria/allergen rid body were able to keep up with his hard partying. And by hard partying I don’t mean go pub hopping like the sixteen year olds, I just meant going out for lunch AND dinner.

But then sixteen year olds don’t have to deal with the added excitement that comes with going out with a toddler “Which dress to wear? Pink OR pink?” “Which socks match? The blue and green ones OR the yellow and pink ones?” “I want to wear my shoes on my own! NO! I don’t want to wear my shoes on my own.” The frenzy- every.single.time.- gets us exhausted even before we head out the door! Who needs to stay up till four am to feel like we can’t handle anymore? We’re parents and we can “pass out” on the couch at a moments notice!

Sushi at Umi Sake House.

But all in all a weekend that proved to be a success.

I killed ALL the viruses, bacteria and allergens in my body.

I kept my spouse alive for another year.

And yes! We did get out of the door even after all those decisions and get to where we were going on time :)

Happy Birthday my love!

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  1. poonam #

    happy birthday Amit ! and happy death day bacteria/allergens/flu !

    March 11, 2014
  2. Ah I love a good birthday cake, even if there is bacteria involved.
    *kisses* H

    March 14, 2014
  3. Happy birthday to your hubby. It is good to get out even when you’re sick because at least you forget you are sick, even if it is for a little while!

    March 17, 2014
  4. If your husband’s birthday was Saturday 8th March, he sounds like a wonderful guy :)
    ( it was my birthday on the 8th too and that could’ve been a scene in my house!) We also ate out for both meals coz I wasn’t lifting a finger at home. The shoes scene – also a constant. Gosh these toddlers

    March 17, 2014

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