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10 things to do before the baby arrives

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My BFF is currently preggo. She’s between the I-need-to-pee-every-two-seconds and the get-the-baby-out-of-me-already phase. It reminds me of the time right before I had my baby. I was excited and nervous and absolutely clueless about how it was all going to affect my life.

Well mommy-to-be, better get on this list soon.

1. Talk on the phone- Pick up the phone and call your girlfriend and talk. The kind of conversation that goes on for two hours. The kind where you catch up on everything that’s going on in your lives and then you talk some more. Remember this is possibly your last uninterrupted conversation for a very long time. Make it a good one, it has to last you through all the “fun things” that your little babe will absolutely need to do while you are on the phone

2. Sleep sleep sleep – The next time you’re allowed to have an undisturbed night will be when your baby feels like it. So get some shut eye while you still can, trust me waking up every three hours really starts to get annoying after ..umm I dunno, the first night!

3. Go to a restaurant – The kind of place where kids aren’t welcome. The kind where adults sit down and eat a civilized meal. The kind you won’t see the insides of for a very long time.

4. Go to a restaurant and eat (just eat) – Go to a restaurant with your sweetie and eat a meal in complete silence. Don’t shove food down any other human beings mouth, don’t pick up toys off the floor for the zillionth time and don’t even make small talk..just eat.

5. Watch a movie in a theatre- How hard can it be to plant your butt in a cushy chair and be entertained for about two hours in an air-conditioned space? No ask a toddler that question! How hard is it? Apparently, the stairs and aisles are way more interesting that whatever goes on- on the big screen. Just watch that damn movie while you still can.

6. Did I mention sleep?

7. Wear all things pretty and satiny- Before they are forever destroyed by the drool, spit, puke or poop.

8. Read up- I know once you get preggo, you read every single pregnancy related book, blog and website out there. But pick up something different, preferably something hot and steamy and read it cover to cover in one go.

9. Pee alone- Go to the bathroom, SLAM the door shut- lock it for good measure and sit on that pot and do your business- Hold on to that feeling because you’re not gonna be allowed privacy in the bathroom for a LLOOOONG time.

10. Do absolutely nothing- Once you’re mom; you’re needed all the time. You’re needed at office, you’re needed at home, and you’re needed at night. But right now- right before the baby comes, you’re the waddling fat lady who gets offered seats, who gets doors held open for her and who gets pampered.

Savor every moment of this single life (parenthood is a non-returnable item) even though you are right between the I-need-to-pee-every-two-seconds and the get-the-baby-out-of-me-already phase.

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  1. Ha ha talking about M here

    March 18, 2014
  2. supperb..!! well said..:D

    March 18, 2014
  3. Neha bhargava #

    Well written..all truth truth and nothing but the truth!

    March 19, 2014
  4. Read lots of books and definitely do things on your own!

    March 20, 2014
  5. A particularly timely post as I’m due with #2 in about 8 weeks. (Eep… hard to believe it’s gone that fast.)

    There’s a 10 year difference between my two, though. People tell me that the older will help out a lot more, so hopefully I’ll be able to be alone a bit more and eat with two hands sometimes. :)

    We shall see how it all plays out.!

    March 31, 2014
    • Looking forward to reading about how it will Leigh. I am sure the ten year old will be a big help.

      April 25, 2014

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