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    Happy Father’s Day


    For staying up all those nights when the baby cried,

    And for keeping mom up while the baby slept so we could enjoy the silence.


    For taking the time to tie the perfect bow for a finicky little girl,

    For making time at the end of a long day to lie beside her and listen to her tales...Read more

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    Warm, Inviting and Beautiful

    Summer is starting to peek around here and we are loving it. The people seems less pale and the skies seems bluer, mostly because they actually are...Read more

    Turning Three

    Dearest Gia,

    Last Friday you officially turned three. So now when we ask you how old you are, you say “Three” and then just to be sure you add “Three, not two...Read more

    Pink Tea Parties and Enchanted Evenings

    Gia is really into pink. What am I talking about! She has always been into pink...Read more

    Roads that lead to Nowhere

    Roads that lead to nowhere;

    have much to see and much to do.

    The means to get there-

    Inconsequential, hopefully unhurried

    Questions with answers beyond the obvious

    Who do these flowers belong to?

    Is this grass the greenest green?

    Exchanging notes,

    maybe some treasures too

    A novel experience,

    To touch and be touched


    New friendships, inquisitive minds

    moms chatting happily, and their babies too

    Conversing about all things that are and the things their babies do...Read more

    Have a Nice Day!

    This Monday we had a couple of errands to run before we got to school. To save us some time, I handed Gia her snack and told her she could eat it in the car...Read more

    Rushing and Racing

    My mind races. It Always races- my body could be worn and my limbs could ache from exhaustion, but my mind, it always races...Read more

    Top Ten Signs you are dealing with a Three Year Old

    Ah three year olds! Dealing with my almost three year old is different from dealing with her when she was two. It’s not a bad different, there are the good bits- where she’s less clingy and there are the horrible bits- where she just has to do every single thing her way, all the time...Read more

    What Happens In Cabo..

    For those who pinged to remind me that I forgot to post last week- Thank you. But I didn’t forget, I was just too busy- too busy having fun that is!

    A kind relative who let us have his timeshare week plus a few pouts to the hubby equaled a fabulous trip to Cabo san Lucas...Read more

    I want it too!

    So my toddler has a super power. She totally calls me out whenever I eat the last bite of any piece of food...Read more

    A Letter To A New Mom

    My best friend just had a baby and I am welcoming her into motherhood with some advice she didn’t ask for. Love you Bubby!

    Dearest New Mommy,

    As I look around me today, I notice that things seem to fall into place more easily...Read more

    Of Hot Summer Days

    I was cleaning out the kitchen pantry this morning and found this flavored honey stick in the back of the closet. We bought it last summer at the Pike Place market and somehow it survived my honey guzzling husband’s paws...Read more

    Cherry Blossoms Again

    Spring rolled around quicker than we anticipated this year. Or maybe time just seems to be moving faster now that we are parents...Read more

    Happy Hour

    If I could pick one picture to tell a story, it would be this one.

    If it's written, it must be true!

    Not because it’s awesome silly, because it has the words right there in it...Read more

    10 things to do before the baby arrives

    My BFF is currently preggo. She’s between the I-need-to-pee-every-two-seconds and the get-the-baby-out-of-me-already phase...Read more

    That Thing Called Genes

    Often when we are about running errands random strangers will come up to me and say “She looks just like you!” or “She is a younger version of you.” And honestly I just love it...Read more

    Allergens, Bacteria and A Birthday!

    So last week I was sick. I don’t want to over share but what the heck- I had a body ache, my eyes were watering, I was feeling nauseous and giddy and to add to the mix my sinuses were chocked up...Read more

    May I help you?

    Hey! Missy! You wouldn't have my glasses would you?

    She walks into the room while I am in the middle of furiously punching the keys on my laptop. “What are you doing?” she asks...Read more

    Five Things My Toddler Does After Potty Training

    So the toddler is potty trained. What happens next? What do toddlers do after they’re out of diapers and entering the world of big people bathroom etiquettes? Read on...Read more

    The Goodnight Song

    I got home late last evening after a parent meeting at Gia’s school and was expecting her to be tucked into bed. Instead I walked in on Gia in the midst of a massive tantrum and Daddy sitting there looking confused...Read more

    My Very Own Mobile- Hug Dispensing- Vending Machine.

    Dearest Gia,

    You recently turned 2.9 years old...Read more

    Lisspit For Dinner

    We were getting ready to go out and  I was putting on some lipstick. Gia walks into the room and says “What is that? What are you doing?”

    So I asked her “What do you think this is?” holding up my lipstick...Read more

    Five New Arguments With My Toddler Today

    Have you ever felt like your toddler acts all Jekyll and Hyde- esque with you? One moment- they’re being all sweet and adorable and then from nowhere, where you’re least expecting it- BAM! You’re in the middle of the Target parking lot in an argument (that you’re losing) and it’s with your two year old.

    Parenthood needs to come with a manual...Read more


    Ever wondered what genuine happiness requires? It is a question that plagues me daily. I am not a deeply religious person- but I am a deeply spiritual person...Read more

    Because It’s A Today!

    It’s cold today. No it’s not just cold; it’s freezing! Its “Lemme-get-back-into-bed” cold...Read more

    Naps No More

    One of the most absolutely bestest part of the day for any SAHM is hands down the nap time. The number of inane superlatives should tell you a little about how much I love this “me time...Read more

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